2017-2018   RCR Membership Fee and Club Fee Payment Schedule by Level of Play

Level of Play Total Fees Commitment Fee ($100 Membership* + $200 of Club Fees) Monthly Installment Options (First payment due by June 30,2017)
STYSA RPL/SCL $1800 $300 4 payments @ $375.00
6 payments @ $250.00
8 payments @ $187.50
WDDOA Prime $1650 $300 4 payments @ $337.50
6 payments @ $225.00
8 payments @ $168.75
WDDOA Challenger $1400 $300 4 payments @ $275.00
6 payments @ $183.33
8 payments @ $137.50
WDDOA Alpha $1100 $300 4 payments @ $200.00
6 payments @ $133.33
8 payments @ $100.00

*$100 Membership Fee is tax deductible.


  1. The first payment, the $300 Commitment Fee, is due upon placement/commitment to a team.  This payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable once a team is formed.
  2. Once paid, the $300 Commitment Fee is deducted from the total Club Fees due based on the level of play of the player’s team.

    When completing the online portion of the Player Registration process, parents will have the option to:

    1. pay the remaining fees due in full before June 30, 2017 and receive a $50 discount
    2. OR

    3. Commit to a monthly installment plan for a period of 4, 6 or 8 months with the first payment payable by June 30, 2017. Parents will be required to provide banking or credit card information for automated payments of the monthly installment plans.

Failure to pay monthly fees within thirty (30) days of fee payment due date can result in the player being prohibited from participating in training and games.  

Fees will not be refunded or forgiven due to player absences, withdrawals, or early release from a team.  

The only exceptions to this policy are:

  1. The player provides the Club with documented proof of an injury or illness that prevents the player from participating in training and games for an extended period of time.
  2. The player’s family moves out of the area.


Team Fees, Uniform Fees, and personal travel and lodging expenses for out of town games and tournaments are costs that are not included in Club Fees.  

A player’s team fee amount varies by team and is used to pay for team expenditures that can include any or all of the following: league registration fees, Spring Cup registration fees, non-league pre/post-season tournament registration fees, mileage reimbursement to coach for travel to counties not contiguous with Travis County, team parties, and any other team activity specific to a single team and not covered by the Membership/Player Registration Fee and the Club Fee.  

The team’s manager and treasurer, who are volunteers selected from among the team’s parents, work together with the team’s coach to estimate the team fee and collect payments from team parents as needed.  The precise amount of the team fee cannot be determined before each season starts, but a typical range is from $200.00 to $400.00 per player per year.  The team treasurer manages the team’s team fee bank account, which is used to make payments for all expenses incurred by the team and paid for with team fees.

All players are responsible for purchasing the required RCR uniform kit.  The required kit consists of 2 complete game uniforms (jersey, shorts, socks,) a long sleeved ¼ zip pullover and a practice jersey.  The cost for the required uniform kit is approx. $220.00   Uniform ordering information will be available soon.


Select soccer is a significant expense and there are many kids in the Austin area who possess the ability and desire to succeed on and off the soccer field but lack the financial means to play select soccer. To help address this need, RCR provides need-based financial assistance. Financial assistance is available to cover up to one-half of the total Club Fees for eligible players.  These awards are based on economic need using the Federal Poverty Guidelines as a decision-making tool. Players with financial assistance needs are required to make the $300 Commitment fee payment and then complete the Financial Assistance application and provide all supporting documents as requested by June 1, 2017 (for all U11 players) or June 15, 2017 (for all U12 and older players).  Awards will be determined and applicants notified of a determination within six weeks of application submission.  Aid is limited and aid requests are evaluated in the order received, so apply early.  All financial assistance is applied to the later installment payments listed in the club fee payment schedule (see above).  You will be required to make the earlier payments.

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