The River City Rangers have a longstanding affiliation with North Austin Soccer Alliance, a recreational soccer program that has served the North Austin community for over a decade. Beginning in 2004, the Rangers became the select soccer program for West Austin Youth Association, which also provides recreational soccer opportunities as part of its multiple sport program serving central Austin from its facilities on Town Lake. Follow the links to their websites for further information.

For both programs, River City Rangers coaches provide training for parent coaches and clinics for players. The Rangers help with all aspects of coaching education and support for team coaches. In addition to free clinics run by the Rangers, players are also offered options for additional professional training through either the once a week Academy sessions or Rec+, a recreational program that offers twice a week training with a Ranger coach and games against other area "rec plus" teams on the weekends.

NASA Playing Options

Division IV (Recreational)

U5 through U10 is designated as Division IV. Starting at four years of age, players are placed on teams and develop beginning to intermediate technique in “small-sided” games. The team's field 3, 4, or 8 players on a side depending on the age bracket, and most play are against NASA teams. NASA offers both girls only and coed teams. Starting at U10, teams may begin to play other teams in the greater Capitol Area Youth Soccer Association (CAYSA).

NASA pioneered the “small-sided” format in 1996, because it gives each player a better chance at playing the ball and provides a simpler game, which younger players can more easily grasp. The basic skills and tactics remain the same even when the players graduate into upper levels.

Teams in these divisions are non-select. Any child registering who is under the age of ten is placed on a team, and the teams are formed with the intent of balancing the average experience level of each team so that there are no “killer teams”. There are no “try-outs” and coaches do not participate in the formation of their teams.

Division III (Recreational)

U11 through U17 is designated as Division III and is designed for 5th grade and older players to develop beginning to advanced techniques, and also for the child who is entering the sport late. Often, these players have interests in other activites such as cheerleading, volleyball, band, football, or baseball. Teams typically practice once or twice a week, play a weekend game and may attend a tournament. Most play is inter-league against other registered CAYSA Division III teams. Some NASA Division III teams enter Division II competitions such as the Spring Chevrolet South Texas Cup. Any Division III team that wins the Fall CAYSA Tournament must advance to Division II, assuming there are at least 7 returning players.

Team formation policies are the same as Division IV with all applicants assigned without try-outs.

Parents with advanced licensing provide coaching. Because of the wide range of skill levels present on a single team, coaches are not able to concentrate on individual skill development, and those players wishing to upgrade their playing level will find the optional skills/development sessions necessary.

WAYA Playing Options

The West Austin Youth Association (WAYA) is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1981 to provide recreational opportunities for the youth of Austin . Today, WAYA serves over 4,000 youth and over 60 zip codes throughout the Austin area in over 15 sports programs and activities annually.

Division IV (Recreational)

WAYA offers coed recreational soccer for U5 through U10 at its conveniently located facilities near town lake. In the spring, girls only teams are formed at U10. The program is otherwise very similar to NASA’s.