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  • Ranger's Bootcamp!
    Calling all Rangers Teams!  Bootcamp will be held July 28-30.  The times for each team are below.  Boot Camp will then conclude on Thursday night with a club-wide pizza and snow cone party starting at 5:30.   Rangers and their families all welcome!

    5 15-6 30
    04B orange   Lee
    04B White    Cliff
    03B orange Ben
    03B Grey   Pala
    04G orange  Mike
    04G  white   Caren

    6 30-7 45
    03B White   Jimmmy
    03B Black   Steve E
    02B Orange  Cliff
    01B Orange  Ben
    03G orange  Mike
    02G  orange   Darryl
    01G orange   Pala

    745-9 00
    00B orange  Cliff
    99B orange   Danno  
    00G Orange  Darryl 
    99G Orange   Ben

    Check with your manager and/or coach if you need details.
    Posted Jul 24, 2014, 7:14 AM by RCR Webmaster
  • Rangers Playing Opportunities!
    Spots available for:
    -    Super II 2002/U13 Boys
    -    2004/U11 Girls

    Please contact
    Ben Crawley (bcrawley11@gmail.com) 
    for information on playing opportunities with the Rangers!

    Posted Jun 4, 2014, 12:44 PM by RCR Webmaster
  • Parking at St. Louis

    Club members are now expected to drop off and pick up kids, and to park their vehicles, in either of two parking areas designated for Rangers use. If you plan to drive players to or from St. Louis, please become familiar with the new parking arrangement now. An explanation with a detailed map is available here.

    Also, do not drive through alley in North Village Shopping Center.  Please read this letter from Ranger's President Bill Collins.  <click here>

    Posted Apr 29, 2012, 8:19 PM by RCR Webmaster
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Soccer Stuff

  • Kickin' it.
    Kick Off: Taken to start a game, to restart play after a goal has been scored or to start the second half or a new quarter. 
    Penalty Kick or PK: Awarded when a defender commits a penal or major foul within the penalty area. T
    Direct Free Kick: The ball may be kicked directly into the goal for a score by the player taking the kick. 
    Indirect Free Kick: A goal can be scored only if the ball is touched by one or more players from either team, after it is kicked into play and before it enters the goal. 
    Goal Kick:  When the attacking team last touches the ball before it crosses over the goal line, the defending team is awarded a goal kick. 
    Corner Kick: If a ball goes over the goal line and is last touched by the defending team, the attacking teams is awarded a corner kick. 
    Posted May 31, 2014, 7:25 PM by RCR Webmaster
  • How's your luck?
    The term unlucky is used whenever a player makes an incorrect decision with the ball. A pass back instead of a turn-and-go or a shot on goal when a cross was the better choice. It's the idea of pushing your luck instead of using your head...with negative results.  In soccer, there are so many decisions that have to be made rapidly. It's better to call a decision unlucky than to say 'you suck'.  The emphasis in development is to make the player think, not to beat him down. Save that mentality for sports where the coaches anger is redirected by the player to physically punish an opponent.   Lucky enough to be good. Good enough to be lucky. Good and lucky. (txsoccer)
    Posted May 31, 2014, 7:28 PM by RCR Webmaster
  • You are sooooo good looking!
    The Beautiful Game is a nickname for association football, first said by the Brazilian footballer Pelé, although football commentator Stuart Hall is the only individual to have claimed to have coined "The Beautiful Game". In his youth, Hall admired Peter Doherty when he went to see Manchester City play at Maine Road and used the term "The Beautiful Game" to describe Doherty's style when playing. Consequently, he used the term "The Beautiful Game" in his commentary career later on in life which popularised the phrase. (Wikipedia)
    Posted May 29, 2014, 8:43 PM by RCR Webmaster
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Field Status (Rainout #1-512-240-2615)

 Field      Status
 QUARRY ATRIUM  (See NASA website)  
 RANGERS SP  (See NASA website)
 ST. FRANCIS (See NASA website)  
 35th Street
 Cook Elementary  (See NASA website)  
 Lucy Read  (See NASA website)  
Last update 8 May 2014

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