Our  Coaches

River City Ranger's coaching staff does an amazing job identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their players and their teams. They develop a set of tactics and formations that put each player in the best position to succeed…which also leads to team success. In fact, we’ve even had coaches conduct a tactical session (chalk talk) with our parents to show them how we want to play and why it would be effective for their group of players. Communication is highly important to our coaches.

Ben Crawley

Director of Coaching

(512) 659-5175

Caren Snyder

Director of Academy

(512) 426-2640

Steve Elizalde

Rangers coach since 2012

(512) 825-3156

Demitri Rodriguez

Rangers coach since 2022

coming soon

coming soon

We are looking for volunteers!

We have some positions open and are looking for individuals interested in making the club stronger. River City Rangers is only as strong as our members. Contact us for information on how you can help!