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Proud History With Youth Soccer in Austin

River City Rangers Soccer Club (RCR) is the longest standing club in Austin. Created in 1991, our founders started the club with 1 major premise…For The Player. Since then, for almost 30 years, we have worked hard to live up to that seemingly simple statement.

To Rangers, “For The Player” means we are there for the player in every capacity. That starts with our coaching staff. Our coaches are former college and pro players, as well as college level coaches. Each coach brings a unique perspective about the game. While a coach is assigned to a team, oftentimes our coaches will assist each other, lending their unique perspective to the game. This combined coaching style allows our players to gain a wider knowledge and perspective about the game. Our coaches are also not required to coach a specific style of play or formation. 

Communication is key

This does not mean only telling players what to do and how to do it. It is about listening to players’ input as well. We challenge the players to think on their own and encourage them to question what we’re doing. Today’s player wants to understand the reasoning behind various exercises. So, we openly provide that to our players. In fact, we communicate the same things to our parents to help them understand what we are working on, why we are working on it and what we will do moving forward. As a parent you will have a true understanding of what is happening with your child in the game.

We want our players to love the game

We want to create a highly competitive and open environment where the players feel comfortable voicing their opinion and recognize that hard work leads to success. That success might be winning games, tournaments or getting an opportunity to play in college.

Our coaches have placed dozens of players each at the collegiate level. Every year we have players with opportunities to play at the next level. With travel to college showcases and our coach’s contacts throughout the collegiate landscape, we work diligently to give all of our players the best opportunity to play at the next level.

Our goal is to help players maximize their talent and whenever their playing days are over, they love the sport as much as we do. We don’t just want to create good players, we want to build incredible young men and women.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey!