Junior Academy Soccer Program

Professional Coaching for Boys and Girls 10 and under

Has your son or daughter been playing at your local recreational league, but shows a dedication to learning the game and getting better? Then, think about placing him in our Junior Academy.

Younger players get an opportunity to learn from our Select coaches. Our coaches are among the very best in Texas. They have shown an uncanny ability to grow and develop young players. Your child will learn from former college coaches & players as well as former pro players. They will be able to grow and develop in preparation for Select soccer when they turn 10.

In the Junior Academy, the kids will focus on individual skills, and learn the basics of positioning and tactics. Technical ability is the most important. As most Select coaches will tell you, it’s a lot easier to teach high level tactics to a player who knows how to handle the ball. So, we work with our players to improve their technical ability, so the game becomes easier when they get to the select level. 


While they learn how to handle the ball better and improve their first touch, they will also learn some basic tactics. The incredible thing about our Junior Academy is we want our players to be creative, free thinkers. We don’t force them to stand in specific locations on the field. We want them to see the whole game, and feel free to come up with creative passes, runs or moves that will allow them to be incredibly successful at the select level. 

We encourage mistakes because it’s the best way to learn. And we don’t reprimand them for making a bad decision, we ask questions and make them think. This allows them to better understand the why’s around the game, which leads to a better player.

Come and join our amazing Junior Academy and learn from some of the best coaches in Texas!